My little firefighters

Burn wanted to be a cop when she was little though :/

Sorry there is no update yet. Have some kiddos to keep you entertained meanwhile


I’m not paid to sell products. I’m paid to take your bits, and put them in our cash register.

Asker: askburningstream



Aqua: You are not cute at all…

((MOD: OMFG… dead… I’m dead, goodbye))


My team is ready for the fight >:3 Capt. Smudgy came up with all the nicknames so the other poor ponies can do nothing but to resign to them pfff

Credit where credit is due, most of them (all except for Burn lol) I got from design trades so…

  • Aqua Jet designed by roro-oh-lala (award to most lovable jerk)
  • Captain Bready designed by questrapolia-mod (award to cousin issues and crush)
  • Smudgy designed by askdarlingadelaide (award to most complicated hair sheesh and beautiful colors)
  • Allay designed by the-masked-sark (award to most adorable pony and only unicorn)
  • Hatchet designed by aerialaim (award to most complicated CM gawd I know you did it on purpose ¬¬ and awesome hair)

Thank you so so much guys!! I love them all to pieces <3

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"My health is fine, it’s my mind thats poisoned"

The mare on the background enoying her wine is askburningstream

(ps i started to draw arch 3, and i am 138 to 1000 followers!)

((Thanks for the feature! Here, I’ll repay you by ruining the perfectly serious mood! Follow him if you haven’t already! Great and unique art and very interesting story!))


(Please click for better pictures!!!!!!)

Ask-Questrapolia is really a blog about two very different lifestyles existing in one life, in one city. I just recently hit 100 followers and for it I wanted to really incorporate that duality and to also say thank you. More milestones will come in the future, I know they will, but 100 followers is that first hump to get over and that makes it very special.

Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!! Thank you so much for including Burn. This pic looks amazing on its whole and I love the clothes you put on her. Congrats on the followers! Your style is lovely and your blog very interesting, I’m sure there will be those and many more to come. Keep up the awesome work! ^^

As always, all links to the ponies featured are in the original post!

((Featured ask-guyra and airrazer))

((Jet is usually not very violent, but he doesn’t get along much with  ask-aqua-marine-pony))